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North Sea Tankers BV
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The Netherlands
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North Sea Tankers, a chemical tanker operator based in The Netherlands was founded in 2008. Our main activity area is the European Chemical shipping market, trading vessels in the size segment of 2,000 to 8,500mt DW. We are today one the largest NW European operators marketing quality tonnage, with the purpose to create long-term values through the provision of co-operative, innovative, market-focused solutions for our partners and the European maritime industry at large. We are specialized in long term  commercial management concepts directly on behalf of our tonnage partners, securing employment with spot and Contract of Affreightment solutions, based on an economy of scale operations in the North Sea Tankers fleet. 

North Sea Tankers offers: 

  • Spot and COA trading with 100 years specialized European chartering experience in our small chartering department.
  • Partnership structures with larger fleets having North Sea Tankers as commercial manager.
  • Commercial management for individual vessels.
  • Time charter constellations for individual vessels on behalf of our tonnage partners.
  • Sale and Purchase for individual vessels on behalf of our tonnage partners.
  • Assistance in creating partnership for new building projects/purchase of second hand tonnage.
  • Project management for projects directed towards the European chemical shipping market. 



2014-06-13 12:49:50

NST-Additional Pool tonnage
North Sea Tankers’ fleet development - with a focus on high quality chemical tonnage, with nitrogen generators, quality coating and economical bunker consumption - is progressing steadily. North

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2013-07-08 17:49:58

Announcement / NST-Additional Pool tonnage (2 more vessels)
  M/T Ionian Trader (5,495dwt) and M/T Lydian Trader (5,504dwt) have been taken in on a prompt time charter by NST for delivery in the West Mediterranean this week and will be tested in NST’s

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2013-06-05 18:39:46

NST-Additional Pool tonnage
North Sea Tankers are proud to announce that M/T Minitank 5 will join NST’s fleet. The vessel will be added to our V6 pool concept whereas the size criteria for Marine Line coated tonnage with high

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