Fleet development NST

SC Chongqing joined the NST fleet
June 26, 2018
North Sea Tankers awarded 2018 HAROPA Best Green Shipping Line Trophy
July 11, 2018

We are pleased that the following three vessels being committed to North Sea Tankers’ fleet:

Ship data:

MT Atlantis Antibes 5,659dwt Marine Line,       N2 generator, built 2009.

MT Atlantis Alicante 5,672dwt Marine Line,       N2 generator, built 2017.

MT Pavino 5,707dwt Marine Line,       N2 generator, built 2005.

These three vessels together with M/T Eviapetrol V and M/T SC Chengdu will be delivered to North Sea Tanker’s fleet within the next couple of months.

We are looking forward to get the five vessels in the fleet which will provide increased flexibility for our European service.

North Sea Tankers continues with these vessels to build our long term fleet platform with chartered and owned tonnage servicing the European chemical market with one of the youngest European chemical fleet.

MT Bomar Pluto will leave our fleet next month after being sold and it has been decided not to declare an optional period on MT Silver Freya, thus she will be redelivered back to her Owners.