June 26, 2018

Fleet development NST

We are pleased that the following three vessels being committed to North Sea Tankers’ fleet: Ship data: MT Atlantis Antibes 5,659dwt Marine Line,       N2 generator, built 2009. MT Atlantis Alicante 5,672dwt Marine Line,       N2 generator, built 2017. MT Pavino 5,707dwt Marine Line,       N2 generator, built 2005. These […]
June 26, 2018

SC Chongqing joined the NST fleet

In May the MT SC Chongqing (dwt 9167 , built 2010, 12 stainless steel tanks) entered our fleet. With a view to a long term service to our customers and being able to offer more flexibility on their requirements, the addition of vessels with stainless steel tanks form an important […]
March 1, 2018

Winter in Europe

Although everyone was hoping for an early spring, severe winter weather is around in a large part of Europe, even bringing snow to Barcelona. We fixed one of our vessels into the Baltic for a loading from Latvia. When fixing the cargo there was hardly any ice in that area, […]