September 20, 2018

MT Northsea Rational sails her 200th voyage

On September 09th, the mt Northsea Rational set sail on a very special voyage – her 200th. The voyage performed was from Sluiskil into Brunsbuettel for one of our contractpartners Yara. The vessel has been in our service now for four years which comes down to about 50 voyages per […]
July 11, 2018

North Sea Tankers awarded 2018 HAROPA Best Green Shipping Line Trophy

It is with great pleasure and proudness to announce  that NST has been awarded with the 2018 HAROPA Best Green Shipping Line Trophy. HAROPA, a founding partner of the ESI approach ( http://esi.wpci.nl/Public/Home),  reaffirmed its backing to the shipping companies which commit themselves by their side in favour of the […]
June 26, 2018

Fleet development NST

We are pleased that the following three vessels being committed to North Sea Tankers’ fleet: Ship data: MT Atlantis Antibes 5,659dwt Marine Line,       N2 generator, built 2009. MT Atlantis Alicante 5,672dwt Marine Line,       N2 generator, built 2017. MT Pavino 5,707dwt Marine Line,       N2 generator, built 2005. These […]
June 26, 2018

SC Chongqing joined the NST fleet

In May the MT SC Chongqing (dwt 9167 , built 2010, 12 stainless steel tanks) entered our fleet. With a view to a long term service to our customers and being able to offer more flexibility on their requirements, the addition of vessels with stainless steel tanks form an important […]